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Geotextile Geotec Tube Erosion Control Product

Geotextiles and related products have a wide range of applications and are currently used to advantage in many civil engineering applications including roads, airfields, railroads, embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, bank protection, coastal engineering and construction site silt fences. Usually geotextiles will be placed at the tension surface as it will strengthen the soil. Geotextiles are also used for sand dune armoring to protect upland coastal property from the effects of storm surge, wave action and flooding. A large sand-filled container (SFC) is placed within the dune system and prevents storm erosion from proceeding beyond the SFC. Damaging scour is also eliminated by the geotextile SFC if a sloped unit is used, rather than a single tube. Erosion control manuals comment on the effectiveness of sloped, stepped shapes in mitigating erosion damage from storms on the shoreline, and geotextile sand-filled units provide a "soft" armoring solution for upland property protection.

Geotextiles can be used as an innovative way to improve soil strength, instead of the conventional manner using soil nailing. It is believedthat the cost for geotextile use to improve soil strength is much cheaper. In addition, steep slopes can then be planted with vegetation to enhance the aesthetic value.

Geotextiles have been used to protect the fossil hominid footprints of Laetoli in Tanzania from erosion, rain, and tree roots.

In building demolition, geotextile fabrics are used in combination with steel wire fencing as a means of containing the debris from explosive charges placed in columns.

Coir (coconut fiber) geotextiles are popular another popular product which is used for erosion control practices. They are known to reduce soil erosion and is used for bioengineering and slope stabilization applications globally due to the mechanical strength necessary to hold soil together. It has been proven that coir geotextiles last for approximately 3 to 5 years depending on the weight, and by the time the product degrades, it converts itself it to humus, which enriches the soil.


Learn More About Advantages of Erosion Cotrol & Repair:

Our primary objective is to meet the growing demand for cost effective shoreline erosion repair. Because of past
unrestricted dredging by developers for fill to build upon, shoreline erosion has affected most all developments,
homeowners associations, golf courses, and private residences throughout the southern United States.

The Florida Water Management Districts (FWMD) has "set the standard" regarding the installation of ALL methods of erosion repair. Studies have shown that the Geotec Tube system is the most cost effective long-term option accepted by the SFWMD. Having proven itself over many years. ASR has decided to focus primarily on the Geotec Tube system.

ASR has a working relationship with engineers from the Florida Water Management Districts through out the State of Florida. ASR values this relationship and will continue to meet or exceed their specs for the Geotec-Tube method of shoreline maintenance.

cost effective shoreline erosion repair
cost effective shoreline erosion repair
cost effective shoreline erosion repair

American Shoreline Restoration is proud to offer the Geotec Tube Erosion Control System. At 25% of the cost of conventional bulkheads or seawalls, the Geotec Tube is the most cost effective and environmentally responsible shore line erosion control system available.

Shoreline erosion is a serious issue in Florida, and continues to grow worse due to poor lake development standards, hurricanes and heavy rain. Erosion control is easily solved by installation of the Geotec Tube erosion control system. Shoreline restoration is also easily achieved by the installation of the Geotec Tube erosion control system.

The Geotec Tube is constructed from the highest quality Polypropylene non-woven geotextile sewn together to form a custom diameter tube. The tube is interconnected along the waters edge, then a small sand pump is used to fill the tube with the same sand and organic material that has been eroding into the lake or canal. The final result is a long lasting fully contained sand filter barrier that will stabilize the bank from erosion and filter rainwater and irrigation run off.

The Geotec Tube erosion barrier can be installed on any shoreline contour or stacked pyramid fashion to create a more substantial barrier to protect against soil erosion during heavy rains. Once the Geotec Tube is sodded, the durability and life span is unlimited. Shoreline restoration is easy to obtain and erosion control has never been more simple.

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Cellular confinement systems are widely used in construction for erosion control, soil stabilization on flat ground and steep slopes, flexible channel linings, load support and earth retention. Typical cellular confinement systems such as our Geotec Tube System that are expanded on-site using exsisting silt from the pond, lake or canal to form a honeycomb-like structure which may be filled with sand, soil, rock .The systems were originally designed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for use in Operation: Desert Storm as a soil stabilization method for moving heavy equipment through soft desert sands.[

American Shoreline Restoration ASR is the leader in affordable shoreline restoration. ASR is family owned & operated and focuses mainly on Geotec Tube erosion control system installations. The Geotec Tube is installed from the water with no impact on existing landscape or property use. Geotec Tube erosion control applications include hundreds of golf courses, city, county and state governmental agencies, as well as homeowners associations, private residence and Orlando theme parks.


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