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Florida Shoreline Erosion Causes Millions In Property Losses Every Year

As a leader in affordable shoreline erosion control services, specializing in the Geotec Tube
restoration system for shoreline stabalization on lakes ponds and canals.

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Learn More About Advantages of our Shoreline Erosion Control:

Our primary objective is to meet the growing demand for cost effective shoreline erosion repair. Because of past
unrestricted dredging by developers for fill to build upon, shoreline erosion has affected most all developments,
homeowners associations, golf courses, and private residences throughout the southern United States.

The Florida Water Management Districts (FWMD) has "set the standard" regarding the installation of ALL methods of erosion repair. Studies have shown that the Geotec Tube system is the most cost effective long-term option accepted by the SFWMD. Having proven itself over many years. ASR has decided to focus primarily on the Geotec Tube system.

American Shoreline Restoration has a working relationship with engineers from the Florida Water Management Districts through out the State of Florida. ASR values this relationship and will continue to meet or exceed their specs for the Geotec-Tube method of shoreline maintenance.

With each heavy rain that falls in Florida, stormwater rushes through ditches and into a small river surrounded by densely populated communities. So much water flows from the urban areas into the canals and Rivers that a one-inch rainfall can raise river water levels by four feet or more.

During Florida’s summer rainy season, the heavy rain flows into and through our canals and have led to erosion of our shorelines
and lake banks and filling in the bottom. The buildup of sediments in some areas has caused flooding in the surrounding residential communities, and has deteriorated water quality in the waterways of the federally-recognized canal systems.

As the population of Florida Georgia and Texas easpecially communities in Orange and Seminole counties has more than doubled in the past 30 years to 1.2 million, the volume and rate of stormwater flowing into the Little Wekiva River has also grown. Much of the development within the Little Wekiva’s basin occurred before stormwater regulations were put in place, leaving only minimal stormwater storage and treatment upstream of the Little Wekiva River.

Concerns for property damage caused by erosion in HOA's and Golf courses with adverse environmental and water quality impacts from the movement and settling of sediments, have led us to play a vital role in assisting public with shoreline restoration.

So much water flows from urban areas into the lakes and ponds that a one-inch rainfall can raise water levels by four feet or more.

SHORELINE EROSION is the continual movement and relocation of soil particles caused by wave action.

Our shoreline Specialists, serving the South East, have one main focus in mind, and that is to prevent shoreline water and soil erosion using a variety of methods.  Several factors play into the design of any particular erosion solution.  Wave size area must be considered first.  Next the the impact on the surrounding areas.  In addition, the slope at which the restores soil area are placed against the bank is extremely important.  If any of these factors are overlooked, the erosion control method may run into surprises.  Our Shoreline Specialists take pride in designing and implementing long term erosion control features for property owners on Lakes and on any Florida waterway.  It is our opinion, based on fact and science, that shoreline erosion can be prevented and controlled without disrupting the bank with heavy equipment and is maintenance free for years.  Our Shoreline Specialists, can provide erosion control get back a huge amount of the home owner's property. Contact us for your erosion control solutions.

Geotextiles are special synthetic fabrics manufactured in a woven or non-woven manner to form blanket-like products with the benefit of being permeable to water and rot-proof. Geotextiles have a number of uses primarily in civil engineering such as with road construction or erosion control. Geotextiles also can be used for horticultural projects for prevention of weed growth or as a filter layer. Whatever your need, let us help you determine the product for you!


While work on the immediate needs caused by the erosion are being addressed, efforts are also under way to plan solutions to address the excess stormwater being channeled into the river.

Amaerican Shoreline Restoratin is planned to begin on several projects in early 2010, with design work to begin on many more projects later in the year. With the support of Florida's water management district allowing our team to move forward with the design and construction of even more projects for the near future, stepping closer to improving many areas of the Florida watershed.

For more information about the Florida watershed, visit the water management districts Internet site

cost effective shoreline erosion repair
cost effective shoreline erosion repair
cost effective shoreline erosion repair

American Shoreline Restoration is proud to offer the Geotec Tube Erosion Control System. At 25% of the cost of conventional bulkheads or seawalls, the Geotec Tube is the most cost effective and environmentally responsible shoreline erosion control system available.

Shoreline erosion is a serious issue in Florida, and continues to grow worse due to poor lake development standards, hurricanes and heavy rain. Erosion control is easily solved by installation of the Geotec Tube erosion control system. Shoreline restoration is also easily achieved by the installation of the Geotec Tube erosion control system.

The Geotec Tube is constructed from the highest quality Polypropylene non-woven geotextile sewn together to form a custom diameter tube. The tube is interconnected along the waters edge, then a small sand pump is used to fill the tube with the same sand and organic material that has been eroding into the lake or canal. The final result is a long lasting fully contained sand filter barrier that will stabilize the bank from erosion and filter rainwater and irrigation run off.

The Geotec Tube erosion barrier can be installed on any shoreline contour or stacked pyramid fashion to create a more substantial barrier to protect against soil erosion during heavy rains. Once the Geotec Tube is sodded, the durability and life span is unlimited. Shoreline erosion control is easy to obtain and erosion control has never been more simple.

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Cellular confinement systems are widely used in construction for erosion control, soil stabilization on flat ground and steep slopes, flexible channel linings, load support and earth retention. Typical cellular confinement systems such as our Geotec Tube System that are expanded on-site using exsisting silt from the pond, lake or canal to form a honeycomb-like structure which may be filled with sand, soil, rock .The systems were originally designed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for use in Operation: Desert Storm as a soil stabilization method for moving heavy equipment through soft desert sands.[

American Shoreline Restoration ASR is the leader in affordable shoreline restoration. ASR is family owned & operated and focuses mainly on Geotec Tube erosion control system installations. The Geotec Tube is installed from the water with no impact on existing landscape or property use. Geotec Tube erosion control applications include hundreds of golf courses, city, county and state governmental agencies, as well as homeowners associations, private residence and Orlando theme parks.


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